Digital Radiography

At Milton Pediatric Dentistry we use state of the art digital radiographs (x-rays) which significantly reduce radiation exposure compared to conventional x-rays. We also practice a conservative approach when determining every patient’s need for radiographs.

Digital radiography offers many advantages over conventional x-ray films in pediatric and adolescent dentistry. At Milton Pediatric Dentistry we are pleased to offer our patients this service. There are many benefits to this technology, including the ability to have high-quality radiographs, efficiency, improved diagnostic ability and image sharing (with consent). Patient/parent education is another great feature of digital radiography, radiographs can be enlarged on the monitor and shared with parents, brightness/contrast and zoom in features can be utilized for ease of viewing.

Digital radiography technology is reliable and versatile. Here is a list of some of the benefits and conditions that can be diagnosed with the use of intra-oral digital radiography for children and adolescents:

  1. Reduction of radiation exposure
  2. Detection of caries (cavities)
  3. Assessment of growth and development
  4. Detection of periodontal disease
  5. Diagnosis of pathology (eg. cysts, tumours)
  6. Traumatic injuries
  7. Developmental and genetic conditions
  8. Patient and parent education